The future of fabric and the end of food waste

Why food waste?

  • Agricultural production
  • Post-harvest handling and storage
  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Consumption

Impact of food waste

How is the problem being tackled today?

Enter refibre

“How?” you might ask…

STEP 1 (Acquiring the food waste)

STEP 2 (Extracting the compounds)

Illustration of the chemicals used in acid hydrolysis

STEP 3 (Making the fabric)

The financial side of things

Final production cost


How we’re selling

Our company




  1. Creating a safe and positive environment to share ideas and provide feedback
  2. Striving to create easily accessible products that make people feel good about themselves and
  3. Allowing for innovation to be a natural and fun part of working and creating
  4. Making helping the environment and buying eco-friendly products seamless and common throughout the world

What to expect from refibre

Expert Validation
Consumer Validation



does blockchain things…

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